Socialize this Book!

DEMO Publishing presents new genres and formats of inter­disciplinary design and media research. We seek to illuminate complex social and organizational systems, to foster foresight and innovation. All of these domains manifest emergence and demand continual updating of our systemic design thinking.

One of our goals is to explore the social dimension of reading, writing and publishing. To further our research in this regard we are simultaneously publishing this book as both a printed book and an ebook under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license. This license lets others build upon or remix the work non-commercially. Although new works must acknowledge the original source and be non-commercial, derivative works can be licensed on new terms. In all derivative works of text, the author requires attribution.

The ebook is available at Via our website readers will find features to create comments and foster dialogue with each other and the author. Dr. Logan also invites personal comments directly at his University of Toronto email address:

We hope that you will join us in exploring the social interaction with a book’s ideas and its readership that the Internet makes possible. A book is no longer a closed package of information but rather a social and intellectual process that includes all the book’s reviews, all of the comments and all of the references made to the book. We look forward to interacting with you online!