Colophon & Image Credits

What is Information? was designed by Greg Van Alstyne and Garry Ing.
Print on demand (POD) and distribution organized with the generous guidance of Nimble Books.

Typefaces: Skolar (2007), designed by David Březina, published by Rosetta.
Etica (2000), designed by Leftloft (Milan), published by TypeTogether.

Cover collage by Greg Van Alstyne with image elements courtesy Kwamikagami; Jer Thorp; Vossman; Edmund B. Wilson; Zephyris, under Creative Commons license. Chapter introductory images courtesy their respective authors via, under Creative Commons license.

Image, Source:

Stuart Kauffman, Teemu Rajala

Schroedinger, Public Domain, 1933

Claude Shannon,

Norbert Wiener, Konrad Jacobs

Macy Conference participants,

Gregory Bateson, Eliot Elisofon

R. A. Fisher, Public Domain

Maxwell, G. J. Stodart

Leo_Szilard, U.S. Department of Energy, Pubic Domain

Cell, National Center for Biotechnology Information

Cells in culture, John Schmidt

DNA, RNA and a protein, Zephyris

RNA, Vossman

Protein, Splette

Katherine Hayles, Dave Pape

Marshall McLuhan, John Reeves

Marshall McLuhan and Robert K. Logan, Maria Ielenszky Logan

Clay token, Marie-Lan Nguyen

Images of clay envelopes, Marie-Lan Nguyen

Clay tablet, Jastrow

Mesopotamian letters, Semitic, Greek, and Roman alphabets, Kwamikagami

Proto-Sinaitic script, Zander Schubert

Alphabets and Semitic scripts, Wikipedia

Hindu, Arabic and Roman numerals, abacus, Madden, GFDL

Parminides, Wikipedia

Painting of Adam and Eve, Public Domain

Hunter gatherer, Forrester’s Pictorial Miscellany for the Family Circle, 1855, Public Domain

Egyptian farming, The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei

Biosphere, NASA/Apollo 17 crew taken by either Harrison Schmitt or Ron Evans

Noam Chomsky, Duncan Rawlinson

Religious symbols, Wikipedia

Alphabets, Wikipedia

Crab Nebula, NASA, ESA, J. Hester and A. Loll, Arizona State University

Photograph of telescope, Andrew Dunn

Physics collage, Wikipedia

Isaac Newton, Portsmouth Estate, 1689

Portrait of Isaac Newton, William Blake

Gutenberg Bible, Kevin Eng

Printing press, Philip B. Meggs